Bronchial adenopathy in children

Caldwell, James (1947) Bronchial adenopathy in children. MD thesis, University of Glasgow.

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Fifty cases have been investigated, and each has been followed-up for a period of two years. The children came from good working class and middle class homes. At the time of the initial examination the oldest child was eleven years and three months and the youngest one year and three months. The average age was five years. For convenience, the patients were arranged in three groups, and those children who had suffered either from measles or whooping cough at some previous date - approximately within the previous four years - were included in Group III. The number in each group and the proportion of males to females was as stated in Table A. A family history of tuberculosis was obtained in six instances. In four of these the disease was pulmonary and three of the children showed a positive tuberculin skin reaction. In two it was non-pulmonary and the tuberculin skin reaction was negative in both. {Environment and Parental Care} Forty five cases lived under urban and five under rural conditions. Bedroom windows were kept open at night in thirty eight oases and closed in twelve. The cases were well cared for with four exceptions, all of whom belonged to the same family. {Height and Weight} The average increase in height over the first year of the investigation was 2.50 inches and-over the second year 2.33 inches. The average gain in weight over the first year was 5.20 pounds. One case showed no gain, and one a loss of weight. Over the second year the average gain was 4.87 pounds. {Teeth} Complete dentition and in good condition - 23 cases. Incomplete but in good condition - 13 cases. Decayed - 14 cases. {Ear. Nose and Throat} In healthy condition - 25 cases. Enlarged tonsils and adenoids - 21 cases. Nasal discharge with enlarged tonsils and adenoids - 3 cases. Otorrhoea with enlarged tonsils and adenoids - 1 case. {Naso-faucial Flora} Nasal swabs and throat swabs were cultured on blood agar and Loffler's serum and after incubation were stained by Gram's method. Attention was given to the appearance of the growth, and the occurrence of haemolysis on the blood agar plates. The flora consisted mainly of M. catarrhalis, pneixmococci, diphtheroids, conform bacilli, staphylococci (IE oases showed the presence of Staphylococcus aureus) and streptococci (11 cases showed the presence of haemolytic strains). {Haematology} Average erythrocyte count - 5,110,060 per Average leucocyte count:- Whooping cough convalescents - 13,014 per Measles convalescents - 11,150 per Winter cough oases - 11,653 per Average haemoglobin 84 per cent. Average Colour Index 0.83. Differential leucocyte count:- [table]. The Arneth Count showed a shift to the left in 36 oases. {Adenitis} Enlarged cervical glands were present in three cases. {Physical Examination of Chest} At the initial examination twenty one cases showed good, twelve oases moderate, and seventeen cases poor muscular development. Spinal deformity was noted in one case. The average circumference of the chest during quiet respiration vms 21.13 inches and the average increase after two years was 1.64 Inches. The average antero-posterior diameter of the chest was 5.16 inches, showing an average increase of 0.24 inch after two years. The average lateral diameter was 7.08 inches and the average increase after two years was 0.52 inch. The number of oases showing prominence of the anterior superficial veins over the upper part of the chest compared with Improvement in the bronchial adenopathy will be found stated in Table B, Those in which impairment of the percussion note was obtained over the anterior and upper part of the chest, the upper part of the sternum, the first and second dorsal vertebrae or intersoapular area are detailed in Table 0. The cases in which adventitious sounds were heard are listed in Table D.

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