St. Isidore of Pelusium with Special Reference to His Use of the New Testament

Fouskas, Constantine M (1961) St. Isidore of Pelusium with Special Reference to His Use of the New Testament. PhD thesis, University of Glasgow.

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Part 1, chap I: A GENERAL REVIEW OF THE NAME AND CHARACTER OF ST ISIDORE OF PELUSIUM. Section A: The etymology of the name, the use of the affix, persons known under this name, the name Isidore of Pelusium and historical references to him. Section B: Isidore's virtues as illustrated in his Letters, the reputation, standing and influence of Isidore and tributes to him. Chap. II: ST ISIDORE'S HISTORICAL BACKGROUND AND ENVIRONMENT. Section A: General situation, doctrinal controversies and consequent developments, Monasticism and Patristic Literature. Section B: Isidore and Alexandria, Isidore and Pelusium and Isidore's family. Chap. III: EXAMINATION OF DATES AND PLACES. In this chapter everything related to Isidore's dates and places is systematically examined. Some concrete results are stated. Chap. IV: EDUCATION AND SCOLARSHIP. Section A: Studies and teachers of Isidore. Section B: Isidore and ancient pagan writings (attitude to and use of) and his knowledge of Charch Fathers and Writers. For the borrowings from or similarities of Isidore to both Classics and some Charch Fathers lists are given. Chap. V: MATURITY. The questions whether Isidore was a Poet, Rhetor or Religious Teacher, Priest, Monk and Abbott are examined here. Chap. VI: ST ISIDORE'S WRITINGS. Section A: Six supposed lost works of Isidore's which were not written by him. Identification of the short treatise of Isidore (foreign text redacted) with the letter III. 154. Proof that the "(foreign text redacted)" considered so far as lost, is extant. Section B: The number, authenticity and characteristics of the letters. A list of the MSS of Idisore's letters and of their editions, accompanied by short descriptions is given. Part II: Chap. I: ST ISIDORE AND THE SCRIPTURES. What Isidore tells us about the Scriptures in general and about relations between the two Testaments. Chap. II: ST ISIDORE AND THE TEXT OF THE N. TESTAMENT. A textual classification of Isidore's NT passages is attempted and a textual criticism of the NT done by Isidore is illustrated. Chap. III: ST ISIDORE AND HIS USE OF THE N. TESTAMENT. List of NT passages interpreted by Isidore. List of additional passages not interpreted but cited by him. For both lists adequate references are given. Some material appropriate for an "Introduction" to the NT is quoted here. Chap. IV: ST ISIDORE AND THE INTERPRETATION OF THE N. TESTAMENT. In this chapter Isidore's rules for the methods and types of interpretation are examined and illustrated by many examples. Chap. V: GENERAL COMMENTS AND CONCLUSIONS on the material cited and examined and on Isidore's attitude towards literal and allegorical interpretations. An evaluation of Isidore's interpretation skill is attempted. Chap. VI: SUMMARY OF ST ISIDORE'S DOCTRINAL TEACHING, deriving mostly from the interpretations. Everything which Isidore says on Theology in general, the Holy Trinity, Cosmology, Anthropology, Original Sin, Mariology, Soteriology, Eschatology, the Chyrch and the Sacraments is here systematically and summarily shown. In the Thesis almost everything which has been said by other Scholars is examined comparatively, brought up to date and in some cases corrected. Greet, Latin, English, French and German bibliography is used and the sources are sufficiently investigated. Several points related to Isidore appear for the first time as Patristic opinions or treatments in the present Thesis. About two hundred extensive passages from Isidore's Letters are translated into English for the first time and used in the Thesis. Many hundred references to Isidore's letters are given throughout the Thesis apart from the hundreds of references to works of other Scholars. The whole Thesis may be characterized as a systematic, comparative and comprehensive Patristic Dissertation on St. Isidore of Pelusium, contributing something useful also to N. Testament studies.

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Date of Award: 1961
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